The Pears Difference

The Pears Difference

Over 200 years of Soap making Expertise
The Pears Difference-One

Over 200 years
of Soap making

Pears has been making quality soaps since 1807 when our founder Sir Andrew Pears first created Pears in London. To this day, we follow the same philosophy of making pure & gentle products.

Mild & Gentle on the skin
The Pears Difference-Two

Mild & Gentle
on the skin

Pears Bars and Body Washes are especially formulated to be mild and gentle on the skin. They respect your skin’s moisture balance and cleanse without any tightness or irritation.

Still Finished by Hand and Checked by Eye
The Pears Difference-Three

Still Finished by
Hand and
Checked by Eye

Even in the times of high speed manufacturing, each Pears Bar is still finished by hand – individually polished and chamfered. Each bar is then held up against light to check for imperfections.

Pure Transparency
The Pears Difference-Four


All Pears products are pure and transparent, so what you see is what you get!

Dermatologically Tested
The Pears Difference-Five


Pears bars and body washes are dermatologically tested for mildness and gentleness.

100% Vegetarian
The Pears Difference-Six



Pears is 100% vegetarian and suitable for vegans.

Enriched with Natural Oils
The Pears Difference-Seven

Enriched with
Natural Oils

Pears products are made with ingredients that are kind to skin and are enriched with Natural Oils.